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Wireless camera security systems offer a cost effective way to protect ourselves and our property.  Wireless cameras are becoming a popular choice among consumers looking for security solutions. Their low costs and flexible placement options, wireless cameras can be mounted or installed in places wired camera systems could not.

Analog camera systems are a trusted security solution for a wide range of surveillance applications, and many home and businesses have a legacy analog security system in place. Analog security cameras are an easy to install, and are a reliable video surveillance solution.

IP camera, or Internet Protocol Camera,  is a type of digital video camera used commonly for surveillance, and unlike analog cameras, can send and receive data via a computer network and the internet. While the cost per camera is higher with IP cameras there are advantages that may fit your security surveillance needs.

Upgrade your current system

There are many reasons to upgrade your security camera system. Let’s just run through a few of the obvious ones:

Improved Picture Quality


When compared from analog camera systems to HD camera systems an obvious difference presents itself. HD resolutions offer better facial recognition and display images more clear and sharp. Such features can help with detection of objects such as license plates.

Improved Zoom Functionality


HD cameras can easily zoom in without losing picture quality. HD resolutions allow you to take a closer look at specific parts of the footage while still maintaining a clear picture. This helps tremendously when trying to capture video of your problem areas.

DVR Upgrades


Upgrading your DVR has multiple benefits, such as remote viewing features, ddns add ons, and storage space capabilities. Older DVR's with limited storage can only hold video for a few days without being erased, a newer system can hold for up to a months surveillance.

Normal Camera's you can buy at most retailers.

Our High Definition Cameras

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Remote Viewing



If you have an existing camera setup, or we are setting up new, we can configure your mobile device to view live video of your camera system.

Remote Viewing


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If you are thinking of getting cameras installed at your home or business, just give us a call or click here.

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