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Network Services

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Wireless Network Setup



We can setup your personalized wireless network and connect all of your devices to it.


Network Cables

Ethernet cable runs



If you are running wireless connections to your computers, you will most likely lose half your connection speed. We can run you network cables across your building to maximize your speed and get your connection running smooth.


Printer Setup


Sometimes you may want to throw away those printers that never seem to work, but don't! We can setup or fix any shared connections, whether its a faulty driver or bad configuration, give us a chance.


Shared Printer Setup
Server Rack

Server Setup/Replacement


In the business world the term "server" comes up quite a bit. If you are looking to get your first server built and up or even looking to replace your existing server, we can help make that transition seamless.

Remote Connection / VPN


Nobody likes to work from home, but sometimes it is necessary. Let us help you setup your connections so you can get your work done efficiently.

Common Services:


Data Recovery             Laptop Repair

PC Cleanup                  Printer Setup     Security Cameras       Service Contracts

Upgrades                     Virus Removal

Wireless Setup

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